Blood-dimmed tide

Blood-dimmed tide.  Painting by MK Hajdin

Part of a new series.  May not be finished.


Beyond the Veil


Someone Almost There

Subterranean Omniscience


Hi, I’m M.K. Hajdin.

I’m an artist and this is my blog.   Thanks for visiting.

I live and paint in Eastern Europe.

I just got internet at my house after going without it for three years!

I live in the most rural area ever and they had to dig trenches everywhere and lay cable in them and it took ages.

I also write.  I have a different blog for that.  It’s called Exiled Stardust.

I write about travel, art, music, and philosophical subjects.  You can visit the blog by clicking here.   Tell me what you think of it.

You can share your opinions about my art by leaving comments on the painting posts.  I am always curious to know what kind of effect my art has on others.  Sometimes their feelings  are very different than my own sense of what a particular painting is about.  So please, share your thoughts.

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